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FAULTLINE CAFE BAR DELAY IN OPENING Faultline Cafe Bar will not open until February 2019.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this might have unintentionally caused.
RE GUESTS – Hukawai Lodge and Holiday Homes – Lakeview, Hukawai Farmhouse and The Batch we have a smaller but changing menu available for breakfast and for dinner


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Faultline Cafe is a small licensed 12-15 table cafe within Hukawai Lodge.  You can get frozen foods, processed foods, foods with longer shelf lives or other staple dishes from the village.  At Faultline, we’re providing a New Zealand dining experience based around Maori and South Westland fare and New Zealand wild foods, which are best served simply and fresh.  We can cold store a limited supply of specialist products such as West Coast whitebait, wild products, homemade cakes etc.  We are able to replenish stores each day but access and timely delivery can become unreliable.  When the food runs out on the day we will no longer be serving the related dish(es) and once we are at capacity we will not be accepting further bookings for that hour.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION atleast the night before.  We are more interested in the dining experience including looking after you than the number of dining covers per night.

We specialise in salads, charcuterie, cheese and vegetarian boards, wild and farmed meats, wild and farmed fowl, garden and wild vegetables, NZ wine and beer, especially showcasing award winning wines and beers and NZ sparklings, award winning NZ blended coffee and NZ teas.  Our menu allows us to cater for vegetarian, ovi, lacto, pescetarian, vegan, gluten free, pro-biotic, diabetic, allergies (keep in mind the kitchen uses nuts and all other foods on the menu) and those who wish to eat a specific protein to carbohydrate percentage meal.

Our cuisine is based on Maori and South Westland fare and culture.  Nearly without exception South Westland residents grow, rear, hunt and fish their own food and share and swap their foods with one another or gift it.  In this connection with the land, the waterways, the sky and the communal approach to sharing, from Ranginui (God of the Sky and Heavens) to Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), from the fruits of Tane Mahuta (God of the forests) to Tangaroa (God of the Sea) and the concept of whanau (family), hapu (extended family and community) and iwi (the wider community) there are many similarities in the culture of food between Maori and rural NZ, especially South Westland.  The menu reflects this relationship.

SAUCES are not often a feature of South Westland or Maori food, neither are they at Faultline Cafe.  You can purchase sauce covered foods in the village.  At Faultline Cafe we prefer jus freshly reduced from pan juices and fresh vegetable purees.  We do make homemade tomato sauce from our own tomatoes (this does not look, smell nor taste like highly processed, coloured and preserved commercial sauce).

SALT is not added to most food.  At Faultline Cafe we prefer to use the natural salts from the vitamins and minerals contained within foods.  Salt and pepper is provided at the table.

MAYONNAISE is freshly made.

DRESSINGS are homemade.  There is a wide selection including fresh squeezed citrus, balsamic etc.

In Maori and South Westland homes, at the local community or church hall and on the Marae, cooking for individuals and groups is usually executed and overseen by The Cook, most usually the matriarch.  At Faultline Cafe the menu and kitchen is managed by the Head Cook.

OUR GOAL is to within 7 years grow, rear and produce 80-85% of Faultline Cafe’s food and to provide a further 5%-10% from local hunters, anglers, businesses which should result in a very low carbon footprint, fresh produce and a unique and intimate local culinary experience.

Faultline Cafe has the largest selection of fine single malts (oldest 26 years), cognacs (complex), vintage champagnes and cigars (churchills to cigarello) on te West Coast, from Karamea in the north to Haast in the south.  Please use the dedicated smoking area to the west (front) of the Lodge not the deck directly outside the dining room.  Cigarettes can be purchased in the village.



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