Tea Sommelier

Hukawai Lodge highlights NZ products:

Forage and Bloom Forage and Bloom therapeutic and organic teas created by NZ Naturopath and Herbalist Hannah McMenamin, designed to taste good, work in with your lifestyle, and make you feel amazing.  100% natural hydration delivered directly to your body.  We also have F&B’s black tea and Earl Grey tea.

Zealong Tea – NZ grown organic tea founded by Vincent Chen, premium tea grown, processed and packaged from a single source New Zealand plantation.  We use their organic black, unscented green and oolong teas.

Ti Ora Teas Three masterbrewers blend in NZ using local botanicals.  We use their organic manuka tea.

Hukawai blended teas – Hukawai Signature white tea, Bushmans Brew Manuka tea and Farmers West Coast Mix.


Hukawai Lodge Executive Guest Rooms:

In your room Refreshment Area:

Forest & Bloom Earl Grey and Black teas

Zealong unsweetened green tea

Hukawai Signature white tea

If you would like to taste another tea in your room please ask.  We will show you the range.  Try the smell test pots before you make your choice.


Faultline Cafe:

Ask for your usual tea or ask to try something new.  All teas have been tasted.  Tea choices here

Hukawai Lodge, Lakeview and The Batch Guests receive 20% discount on purchases.

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