Specifically chosen to best represent Hukawai Lodge, South Westland and Maori icons for your pleasure. Located in the foyer and includes homemade soaps and paper.

HOMEMADE SOAP – We make our own soaps from the environment we live and work in. Our Signature Hukawai Soap is made from cows milk, coloidal oatmeal, local beeswax and honey, local aloe vera added to vitamin E and olive oils and lye. It is coloured with home grown beetroot and manuka tea and scented with essential oil made from the local grass the cows eat. You will find this in your room as part of the complimentary articles de toilette. We also have larger bars for sale which include other milk and non milk soaps, both natural incorporating natural colourants and essential oils. Vegan options are also available. Other soaps are also for sale. You will find the current selection displayed in the foyer.

HOMEMADE PAPER – we recycle post consumer non inked papers from Guest Rooms and on premises into parchments letter, A4 and A3 sized. They are available for sale in the foyer. A Signature Kakapo paper is dedicated to the Kakapo Recovery Programme. 100% of your purchase is donated to this cause.


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