Soap Concierge

Available to Hukawai Lodge Guests:

Hukawai Lodge makes handmade soaps.  Every day each Executive Guest Room is stocked with a +-20g bar of the Hukawai Signature Soap.  A specific selection of +-20g bars of soaps is available each day from which to make up to three further choices.  We will share with you the process by which each soap is made and the ingredients, colours and scents, including origins.

For NZD10 your soaps can be wrapped for you using homemade recycled and dyed thick paper gift containers.


Homemade Soaps:

Larger soaps are divided on the basis of natural home grown organic ingredients with natural dyes and homemade scents and soaps with brought in products, further divided into organic and not.  We also have vegan soaps.

Soaps are displayed whole and uncut from the mould as well as cut into bars.  Some are wrapped individually and others boxed into collections.

Soaps are on display in the small foyer souvenir shop.

Hukawai Lodge, Lakeview and The Batch Guests receive a 20% discount on purchases.


Kakapo Soap

A Signature Kakapo soap has been developed for the Kakapo Recovery Program. 100% of your purchase is donated to this cause.

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