Heath & Safety


Hukawai Lodge is part of a 2000ha (5000acre) working farm, located on Hukawai Farm.

ON FARM PROTOCOLS:  Not having hands or jointed thumbs, animals sniff and lick unfamiliar foreign objects.

  • Please do not spit anywhere on farm. 
  • Do not litter on farm.  Animals can eat litter.  There is a good chance they can die.
  • Any person who is ill will not be able touch or feed the small animals.
  • Do not feed any animal in a paddock.  Their favourite and preferred food is lovely high quality grass.
  • Do not feed the small animals any food other than what is provided.  We like to feed our animals the foods they love.


Hukawai Lodge Drive is a triple-use driveway.  First it is the access road to Hukawai Lodge.  There is not enough room for two oncoming cars.  Usually one would give way by pulling over on to the grass verge.  If you’re going to do this in a 2WD vehicle its important to keep your right hand side wheels on the road.  Having all four wheels on the grass verge might result in becoming stuck.  Give yourself plenty of time to break and give way, sudden breaking could result in losing control and ploughing into a fence, building or over the terrace.  IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU GIVE WAY TO A TRUCK OR COURIER.  Usually a tractor will give way to you.  Use caution at all times.

Second, it is a shortcut to the farm to the south, beyond Hukawai Lodge.  Consequently, 4WD 4-wheelers and tractors sometimes pulling implements such as spreaders, mowers, trailers etc will use the drive to access the farm.

Third, trucks and couriers use the road for deliveries.

Lakeview Drive is also a triple-use driveway.  Hazards are as above.

Electric fences are electric 24/7/365 to keep stock out of other peoples property and in this instance, off the main road.  Stock are nomadic in nature but have no sense of property ownership or comprehend the hazards of a main highway.

Electric fencing will hurt if touched.  If a 450kg Jersey cow somehow manages to become caught in an electric fence and can not get up, the electricity will kill her.  It is extremely rare, in thirty years I’ve seen it twice.  You will be wearing rubber soled gumboots which act to insulate you against electric current but if any other part of your body touches the ground, the electricity will short through it.

Jersey young stock are reared on Hukawai Farm.  It is rare that any young animal would go rogue.  I’ve never seen it.  However, they are strong and don’t realise how much stronger they are than us.  Sometimes a very curious yearling or heifer will come right up to you and it might look as though she is butting you.  She is remembering having been fed milk and thinks you have some.  A calf will butt a cows udder in an attempt to shake out more milk.

Highlander young stock are reared on another farm but have been brought to Hukawai Farm for the Farm Tour.  They have a different temperament to the Jersey stock and they also have horns which they know how to use.  You only have to ask the Jersey’s about that.  We will view them from outside the paddock.

Sheep and goats are new to Hukawai Farm.  They won’t be very friendly yet but we will be able to view them from outside the paddock.

Small animals are the final leg of our Farm Tour.  Some will allow you to handle them but be mindful that although they look so cute, they are equipped with claws, beaks and minds of their own. They are also very strong.  We will try to help spend time with the animals but like us, sometimes they are not interested.  And also like us, they might protest.

End of Farm Tour please wash your hands thoroughly before you leave.

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