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  • Dairy farm work gear includes, overalls, gumboots, socks and wet weather gear if required
  • Complimentary Hukawai Lodge cap
  • Fresh food for the Small Animals


HUKAWAI JERSEYS is a NZ pedigree herd of primarily Jersey dairy cattle.  The majority of herds in NZ are recorded to a national database and compared to one another in-herd and across the nation by a breeding index which indicates their genetic potential.  This is moderated by performance through herd testing ie capturing a sample of their milk in the morning and in the evening within a 24 hour period, generally four times a year spread across the season.  Of further interest to breeders is the scoring of traits of individual animals by seasoned experts in NZ.  Hukawai Jerseys are recorded in the top 1% of all dairy herds in NZ.

TOUR We share with you a little of the philosophy of All Grass farming in NZ, the role of high breeding worth animals in the NZ dairy industry and provide insight into what makes someone not just choose to become a farmer but to dedicate their life’s work to it.  Generally it is an ability with animals and so we provide you with an opportunity to experience this with the small animals who can be handled and fed.

SMALL ANIMALS for you to get closer to, touch, feed and take photos with.  The self appointed bosses are the Birman cats Trumpet and Cookie Monster.  They will be more than happy to greet you and accept your kindnesses.  Don’t be surprised if they decide they’d like to go home with you.



Briefing +-20min  Health and safety briefing and some background on the special nature of this herd and general information on All Grass farming.  Into farm gear.

Tour +-60min  We visit atleast two mobs of Hukawai Jerseys in their paddocks.  You will experience a little of the day in the life of a farmer.   Due to the grazing plan sometimes the tour group will walk close to the end of the farm, but we will take short cuts.  Actual time in the paddocks will depend on the weather, number of questions and photo opportunities.

We also visit the Highlanders Morag, Sorcha, Annis and Isla, who have been brought to Hukawai Farm for your pleasure.  They are not as used to contact and not bred for temperament as Jersey stock tend to be.  They also sport horns.  We view them from outside the paddock.

Also on the Farm Tour are sheep and goats.  Sometimes farm work is happening at the time of the Tour and if it is interesting enough and time permits we will include it.

Small Animals +-30min We visit the small animals.  Some will allow you to handle them but be mindful that although they look so cute, they are equipped with claws, beaks and minds of their own. They are also very strong.  However, they should all allow you to feed them.  Time to take photos.

End +-10min  Back to the mud room to get out of our farm gear.  Very important you wash your hands before leaving.   



$120 per adult

$240 family concession (2 adults and up to two children under 16).  $30 extra child.

$60 student

GUESTS at Hukawai Lodge, Lakeview and the Batch 20% discount.

Max 12 people per tour

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/primary caregiver.


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