Farm Tours

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Tours of the Hukawai Farm are 2 hours long.  $120 per adult. $240 for families with up to three children under 16. Maximum of 10 people per tour.  Minimum 8 people required per tour.

Tour begins with a health and safety briefing and some background on the special nature of this herd and general information on All Grass farming. Then we kit up in standard dairy farming work gear – overalls, socks, gumboots and wet weather gear if required.

We visit atleast two mobs of hukawai jerseys in their paddocks.  You will experience a little of a day in the life of a farmer (owner, self employed), rain or shine and no regular time off.  Usually we use either a ute or a 4WD bike to get around because of the work load but if there was just the one farm we would walk around it as we will during our tour.  Due to the grazing plan and the need to graze paddocks by rotation and feed them out at the highest quality pasture possible sometimes the tour group will walk close to the end of the farm, but we will take shortcuts.  Actual time in the paddocks will depend on the weather and the number of questions.

The two mobs are the recently born, generally the calves are named as a mob after the year they were born eg 2016-borns or for short 2016s.  the only other age animals on this part of hukawai farm are the ‘heifers’ also called the 2015s or the yearlings or the rising 2’s.  this is their final year before entering the dairy herd.

Both mobs are referred to as young stock and with any farmer, these animals are the lifeblood of the operation.  All good farmers rear their young stock well.  One of the indicators of well reared young stock is the achievement of industry recommended liveweight targets at certain points in their development.  All good farmers also breed their young stock well using proven sires and dna profiled yearling bulls and techniques such as embryo transfer on selected cows in particular.

A third small mob (+-5) of Highlanders will be viewed from outside the paddock as we make our way to the small animal area.  The Highlanders are reared on another farm and have been brought to Hukawai farm for your viewing pleasure.  The Highlanders are not as used to handling as the dairy youngstock and this group of heifers have also retained their horns in order that you can see what the Highlander standard is.

Sometimes other activities are happening around the lodge block of Hukawai Farm and depending on time we will include these in our tour eg calves receiving their pour on, fertiliser, lime etc being delivered or spread.

We have a number of small animals for you to get up close to and to take photographs with.

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