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29 Dec 2018 by

This is a small accommodation business and is not open every year. Curently Hukawai Lodge is not open before November 2019. Calendars at, airbnb and are updated but sometimes calendars can for inexplicable reasons autoopen. To avoid disappointment, Agencies acting on behalf of clients should check direct with Hukawai Lodge before using autobook. […] Continue reading


22 Oct 2017 by

Faultline Cafe Bar we will be back to you all on this. Currently it is not open. Continue reading

Birman Weekly Update – Sept #3

20 Sep 2017 by

The kittens have grown as they should.  In a couple of weeks they will celebrate their first birthday.  They haven’t been entirely happy with their sleeping arrangements and yesterday their new bed arrived.  The result of which is very happy kittens. Continue reading

Birman Weekly Update – Sept #2

16 Sep 2017 by

This week we’re still catching possums and other wildlife who view the kittens with suspicion and are willing to fight them over their food.  Trumpet and Cookie Monster are coming out on top.  This week there have been complaints from both kittens over their daily menu and their feeding times.  As you can see they […] Continue reading

Birman Weekly Update – Sept #1

6 Sep 2017 by

This week Cookie Monster has been having a hard time.  He is very brave, but the Hostile Marsupial Takeover ends every night with blood drawn and poor Cookie is feeling the pressure.  Since possums are carriers of TB (tuberculosis). Cookie and Trumpet needed to be checked by the vet.  It was time for a checkup […] Continue reading

Birman Weekly Update – Aug 2017 #3

31 Aug 2017 by

The kittens love to play, expecially in the newly dug gardens.  Here, Trumpet is left speechless by my spade’s digging power.  Every hole dug for a rose bush was firstly occupied by a Birman on account of first in, first right to refuse.  Planting with Birmans takes a lot.  A lot of time, a lot […] Continue reading

Birman Weekly Update – Aug 2017 #2

26 Aug 2017 by

WEEKLY BIRMAN UPDATE Cookie Monster looking for his Drivers License.  He thought he’d go into the village for lunch which would entail driving past the cops house and the Police Station.  Cookie Monster is a stickler for routine and doing things right.         Continue reading

Daffodil Day – National Cancer ...

25 Aug 2017 by

Hukawai Lodge supports National Cancer Awareness Day known in NZ as Daffodil Day which has been running for 27 years.   Donations ‘go towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of support services, education and awareness campaigns / programmes’ for people affected […] Continue reading

First Daffodils

24 Aug 2017 by

The first daffodil blooms are open indicating the soil temperature is rising and spring is here.  The meterological date of spring in NZ is September 1 but tell that to the spring bulbs.  This year the spring equinox falls on September 23. Continue reading

East Gardens, Front Garden, Topiary Garden

21 Aug 2017 by

DAY 4 (6 Days, 2 Diggers) 2x 2m tall earth wall with walkway built, as partial protection against the easterly coming down through the gorge behind.  The view on top looks down to Hukawai Lodge, Hukawai Lake and to Lake Mapourika and beyond. 12 bushes transplanted to the new topiary garden. 24 trees from nursery […] Continue reading

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