Art Gallery

ART GALLERY & PRIVATE COMMISSIONS – situated throughout Hukawai Lodge. Start in the foyer and walk up the stairs to the landing and along the hallways. The Gallery continues in the hallways on the ground floor. All work is original abstract art and also hangs in every Guest Room. You’ll find some known New Zealand artists work as part of Hukawai Lodge’s private collection in the Dining Room and in the Guest Lounge. Generally the art is not for sale. Instead commissions are accepted for abstract art as a collaboration based on the existing art that attempts to fuse the clients personal style, taste and home decor requirements. All commissions are paid 90% prior to work beginning, the balance paid at completion. Freight paid by the purchaser. 

ART GALLERY EXHIBITIONS AND ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMME When we reopen on December 1, 2017 we will begin exhibiting the work of artists for each of the three months Hukawai Lodge is open to the public.

HUKAWAI ART GALLERY ARTIST OF THE MONTH – There are two separate exhibitions by the artist. One on the first of the month, the other on the 16th. Tickets to the Exhibition Opening Cocktail Evenings will become available from November 1.  Exhibition openings allow interaction with the artist, after a presentation and cocktails followed by NZ sparkling wines, meats and cheeses. All art available for purchase.  Bookings essential. 

HUKAWAI LODGE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE – Each month a NZ artist will reside at Hukawai Lodge and immerse themselves in the local environment for inspiration. They will be exhibit at the end of the month and the Exhibition Opening Cocktail Evening will kick off proceedings.  Tickets become available on November 1.  All art available for purchase.  Bookings essential.

HUKAWAI ARTISAN MARKETS – Each fortnight local artisans will present for sale their wares.  We have jam makers, cheese makers, potters, wood turners, local music etc.  Food and drink sold by Hukawai Lodge.  There is an entry charge, 100% of which is donated to the Kakapo Recovery Program.  Starts 10am.

HUKAWAI ABSTRACT ART GALLERY – This smaller gallery can be found in the hallways of Hukawai Lodge.  Between 50-70 works (+- 1220cm x 990cm) are painted every year.  Abstract art paintings in Guest Roooms change every year.

MAORI ART – Also part of Hukawai Lodge’s private collection are contemporary expressions of traditional art forms such as pounamu hei tiki, whale bone koauau, pounamu tip taiaha, pounamu mere, waka huia, koruru, kete etc .These taonga are made by carvers/weavers/artists. 

MAORI ART SOUVENIRS – All pounamu for sale is West Coast, South Island.  All Maori taonga are crafted by artists and artisans, the majority of whom are Maori.  There are other Maori ‘style’ souvenirs for sale selected by us for the authentic nature of their copy, together with practical considerations such as price and ease of transport overseas.

In terms of being Maori, kinship and bloodlines take precedence over being thought of as part Maori or mixed race or other labels used in other parts of the world and particularly within specific generations.  In this manner under certain circumstances, it can be possible for someone who has absolutely no Maori bloodlines but is married to someone who does, can be and have been accepted as part of the hapu and iwi and can also become thought of as Maori.

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